Testimonials for Sport Clips Haircuts of Santa Clarita - Bouqet Center

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Rated 5.0 out of 5 based on 76 Client reviews

Mike B. | January 12, 2020

"Everyone is friendly, and I get in and out quick. Good job ladies!"

Jj P. | January 11, 2020

"Great stylist. Patient and talented. "

russ d. | January 11, 2020

"Shayla, she's amazing. Truly an artist and an incredible human being. I'm very fortunate to have met her."

Chris D. | January 9, 2020

"Last two cuts my son had were consistently the same and just like he wanted them. "

raymond d. | January 6, 2020

"Friendly atmosphere. Great service. The mvp service is amazing that even my 7 year old nephew is requesting for it. Kids smh. 😊"

Reno S. | January 6, 2020

"Amanda was great and helpful along with others."

john c. | January 5, 2020

"Your shops are always neat and clean. The staff always friendly. And on top of that they do a great job. "

Joe M. | December 27, 2019

"Late hours. Fast service"

William P. | December 21, 2019

"The countdown timer was nice. They were very accommodating for my son who has a hard time with haircuts. "

Karen H. | December 21, 2019

"Detail! Wife brought second step kid in and Charlotte did Rather than say "do what you think looks good", try have a conversation to discover what you'd like, it means opening up a bit, and is not as undemanding but will help you more find what works for you. She pulled through First find a hair dresser that can help you with advice - find a suitable salon and ask specifically for a hair dresser that can help you with style advice. Say "I want a new haircut but I'm not sure what will look good, I'd like someone that can give advice". And when you talk with them just be honest. Say you're very open to ideas. Chances are you have some preferences, do you want a mohawk? Pink hair? Neat and tidy or more messy? Want it to be easy to manage or can you spend 30 minutes on your hair each day? Shaved? Probably don't want anything extreme right? But you don't want it to be boring either... it's easier when you find those preferences and make it into your own. Charlotte is my new go to girl. We will not go anyone else now. She has great conversation about her life and feelings and made him laugh"